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Setting up SSHFS on Raspberry Pi

This will be tutorial about how to set up RPi torrent box… oh wait i need to mount external drive ….okey then…. This WILL be tutorial about how to mount usb drive on RPi …. Wait I need to transfer large files between RPi and my PC …….fuuuuuuuu…  Fine  it will be tutorial about how to set up SSHFS on Raspberry Pi.
I prefer SSHFS over samba because its pain to set up samba on RPi(not really but i’m lazy) and yes if you want connect many windows or android devices its better solution but for a linux to linux file transfer it super easy and quick to set up, another downside is speed. But because I don’t transfer 100 gig files my 10MB/s is adequate.But hey the SSHFS is encrypted which is nice.

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Installing MQTT Broker(Mosquitto) on Raspberry Pi

Eclipse Mosquitto™ is an open source (EPL/EDL licensed) message broker that implements the MQTT protocol. MQTT provides a lightweight method of carrying out messaging using a publish/subscribe model. This makes it suitable for “Internet of Things” messaging such as with low power sensors or mobile devices such as phones, embedded computers or microcontrollers like the Arduino. And I will show you how to install Mosquitto to RaspberryPi

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How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

In our previous post we installed MySQL server and PhpMyAdmin.
Now we gonna add new user and tables to our database using PhpMyAdmin.

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Installing Node-Red to Jessie Lite Quick Tutorial

Quick tutorial how to install Node-Red with screenshots.

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Raspberry Pi LAMP , FTP , PhpMyAdmin setup.

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Setting up a static ip on the Raspberry Pi

With a static IP, you’ll be able to use the same IP address every time you connect to your Pi via SSH.

Before starting, make sure you have already set up and configured a way to access the command prompt. Check out my tutorial, Raspberry pi Raspbian Jessie Lite headless wifi setup tutorial   to see how to do that if you haven’t already. Lets begin.

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Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie Lite headless wifi setup tutorial

Once again I have to setup my pi. Because I mainly use it in headless config its quite annoying to connect it to display for setup. So anyone else having same trouble here is a small tutorial how to setup you Raspberry pi sd card for running pi headlessly with wifi. No need for monitors or keyboards on pi.

After configuring your sd card you just connect the power and ssh into your pi.

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Python disk IO logger in tutorial

Recently I was in front of a pickle. Like many of us I wished a log about my system drive reads and writes or IO operations.
For Linux there are some good tools for overall and in depth monitoring of your system (like iotop, vnstat, etc…) but I wanted something small and simple.
So I decided to write my own. (Full code @ the end of the post)

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Crouzet Millenium 3 PLC unboxing and review

I’m planning to make a little automation project and needed a PLC. To keep things interesting, instead of Siemens or Omron I decided to use something new.
The Crouzet Millenium 3 CD20



General outline

Price: ~300€ (Starter kit).

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How To Install Stock ROM On Lenovo K3 Note / Removing Trojan

Recently I had issue with Lenovo K3 Note. Trojan kind of issue.

Phone was infected probably by infamous Svpeng Trojan. Bad thing about this trojan is that it can infect the phone via Chromes Zero-Day vulnerability and use Googles AdSense to deliver the malicious code etc. Lets look the signs of infection and how to remove trojan and install stock rom.

Signs of infection:

Lets look closer some of the signs of infection of malware and trojans.

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