Super simple Arduino TFT SD Card reader tutorial plus alternative to Arduinos default library…

  1. Connect the SD card module with Arduino according to following connection table:
    Arduino SD Card reader
     4  CS
     13 SCK
     11  MOSI
     12  MISO
     5V  Vcc
     GND  GND

  2. Insert SD card into the reader
  3. Open Arduino IDE
  4. Connect Arduino with computer.
  5. Select CardInfo example sketch:
  6. Upload sketch and open Serial Monitor
  7. If everything is working correctly the output will be similar to this:
  8. Next test ReadWrite example script, output should be following:
  9. And thats it for basic use of SD card.


Now Arduinos default library is quite basic. For more feature rich library use:

SdFat features functions like speed test, formatting and much more.