This will be tutorial about how to set up RPi torrent box… oh wait i need to mount external drive ….okey then…. This WILL be tutorial about how to mount usb drive on RPi …. Wait I need to transfer large files between RPi and my PC …….fuuuuuuuu…  Fine  it will be tutorial about how to set up SSHFS on Raspberry Pi.
I prefer SSHFS over samba because its pain to set up samba on RPi(not really but i’m lazy) and yes if you want connect many windows or android devices its better solution but for a linux to linux file transfer it super easy and quick to set up, another downside is speed. But because I don’t transfer 100 gig files my 10MB/s is adequate.But hey the SSHFS is encrypted which is nice.

  1. Install sshfs to your PC with following terminal command (because you run Linux on your main PC like a normal person):
    sudo apt-get install -y sshfs


  2. Make directory/folder for your mount point
    mkdir raspberrypidrive


  3. Mount the Raspberry folder to your computer:
    sshfs user@server:dir_remote dir_local

    sshfs pi@ /home/raspberrypidrive

    sshfs pi@ /home/raspberrypidrive for entire filesystem.

  4. And for unmounting:
    fusermount -u /dir_local

    examp: fusermount -u /home/raspberrypidrive

And done.