Some time ago I bought chinese version of Saleae Logic Analyzer. It’s quite handy 8 CH analyzer for debugging my DIY projects.
Because I mainly use Linux this is small write up (mainly for myself) how to install Sigrok software for Saleae Logic Analyzer.
For now you can still use software provided by Saleae from their homepage (, but it soon may not work with clones.

Story of Saleae is quite common. Guys developed good product, wrote the software and chinese manufacturers copied it for the 1/10 of the price. Now of course if you like the product and this is a good product, support the developers. But here’s the thing, original product cost 108 USD and for many hobbyists  this is not affordable. Especially if you use it maybe once every couple of months.

But I digress …

On Linux Mint 18.2 installation is super simple. All the software is already in repository.
You can use ether the Software Manager or CLI.
I will show you how to use CLI.

  1. Run:
    sudo apt-get install pulseview -y
  2. And run:
  3. Select: File -> Connect to Device
  4. Driver: fx2lafw -> Scan for Devices
  5. And the name device should appeares in the selection area. Select OK.
  6.  DONE


if you can’t see the device you can also run pulseview as administrator:

sudo pulseview

And repeat the device search steps.

And that’s it….


If you want to build it yourself from source check out: